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Testo della canzone

Ride In the night
Everywhere you feel so lonely
And tangled down
Hi nice and brainy guy
You could quickly know our mood and feel
The lost meanings
Oh, here your mouse is saying you'll run again
Maybe he's waiting a new dawn
Freedom for sale could mean to touch the sunshine
And now the time has come
And everywhere I see your lovely faces
Your rattling honest road Walk by my side
No one live around the end and tears are crystalized
Oh no, angels please
Hold in your young hands the sense of mercy
Your thin arms blinded me
Oh, yes your smile will stay here forever
World's turning a new day has come
Unknown freedom will bleed around the sunrise
You know the answer?
And everywhere we'll see your lovely ladies
Your rattling honest road

Album che contiene Neverending Rest

album Labyrinth Labyrinth
Labyrinth 2003 - Rock, Metal, Nu-Metal

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