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Testo della canzone

hey, is this your party?
what is this music?
we're not in 1903
hey, what are you wearing?
nobody dances here
my grandpa's cooler than you

A friend of mine called me "enjoy this rave"
so why am I still here do I have to stay?!

just annoying myself
ignoring all these nerds
i drop down, hit my face, splashing my drink on her dress
she tries to kick me out
she hits me pretty loud
then lifts me up off-hand, drags me all the way round

her words confuse me
i cant realize where i am, i'm rather bemused right now
these scenes amuse me
she comes in quickly and her eyes bewitch me with all their charm
i'm like a kiddie
while her strapless t-shirt just slides down and strips her off
i cant resist here
she starts to kiss me on my neck but next thing i swoon

recovered from that bang
i'm bleeding from my hand
a splinter pricked me, it hurts but i don't really care
downstairs the tune's so quiet
the atmosphere’s not right
I’m in a haze now, so please turn off these bloody lights!

(She said)
"Hey, what the hell are you insane?!
did you puke? you're a shame!
shift your arse from my house, no one here knows you
Did i make myself clear? Wanna see you out of here
take that sneer off your face, start to walk away!"
so i just start to walk away
have got no fucking place to stay
who knows where i can spend my night?

i'm just hating this life

i hear my telephone, wake up all alone
the voice down the line says
"you cunt, it was a joke!"

Album che contiene Prick in a Pickle

album Pretty Loud - Lady Greys
Pretty Loud 2012 - Rock, Indie, Alternativo

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