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Testo della canzone

do you remember last night?
i thought my mind was alright
the lights were spinning 'round
our bassline shaped the sound

some memories are sinking
could be because of drinking
come on get out my way
I don’t want you anyway!

clocks don't work, seems that time stands still while people pass me by
faces laugh, they just wont let me see them while they cry.

can you remember last night?
i told my friends i was fine
that bitch should kiss me now
before i hit the ground

the dj's pumin’ up tracks
some guys keep drinking their shots
this night can't get away
we've got a lot to say

all around me, a thousand million brains are snuffing
someone's staggering, his mind’s confused by strange substances
there’s a girl, yeah, she's moving like a table dancer
Eddy's asking “So where the fuck's that stupid wanker?!"

look at me i'm living fast
nothing's gonna stop my spurs
You know it's time to take no nap
so shake it all up shake it all up

well i might consider to try, some self-control the next time
cause this situation ain’t right, this situation ain’t right

The dj's keeping on playing
so raise your hands if you’re praying
For this night to stay awake, cos we've got a lot to say”

Album che contiene Shake It All Up

album Pretty Loud - Lady Greys
Pretty Loud 2012 - Rock, Indie, Alternativo

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