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Testo della canzone

Everything is ready for the biggest trip
we're waiting for the sunshine trying not to get sick
we're studying the map looking for the shortest way
I'm sure we'll be there by the end of the day
jump in the car, it's not even so far
nothing can stop us, not even our mamas

oh baby, I know that today
we're gonna meet the city of sin and pleasure
I know we're going to stay
just until our brains are empty and dead on the floor

I hope to remember the way
to get back to home and tell to my neighbours and friends
stories of the city of dreams

the road is pretty boring, we're driving real fast
we're five in a car with a tape of j.cash
we're just like muslims going to the mecca
we're smelling real bad like the foot of chewbacca

Album che contiene Amsterdam

album King Of the Fools Le Braghe Corte
King Of the Fools 2006 - Ska, Rock, Punk Venus Dischi

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