Le Braghe Corte - Back To My Place testo lyric


I want to get back to my place
kick the deamons under my bed
getting bored of all this crap
so what's the point of showing your smile
when you never pay the right price
I hope you're sleeping good at night

I'm bounded on a boat I know it's slowly going down

(houston, we've got a fucking problem...)
it makes me feel so sick
what they call the american dream

but I want you to know I won't give up
stedy beat plays in my soul
follow the speed of rock&roll (all right)

it's getting hard to keep going on
broken dreams, no shots in a gun
I'm reloading, I'm still young
stuck into the same page
feeling like a rat in a cage
I'm escaping from this jail

I don't want to sell my soul for sex and bubble gums
I don't want to burn my days swallowing bitter pills
all i want is feel your naked body moving on me
all I want is running forward into better days

never pay me off
with your dirty socks
all I want is to get free
never let me down
hear the burning sound
we are rising from the dust

I know it's easy feeling better
by pointing your finger on me

some would like a beer
some would like a chick
some one got them all
so won't you stay with me


La canzone Back To My Place si trova nell'album King Of the Fools uscito nel 2006 per Lunatik, Venus Dischi.

Copertina dell'album King Of the Fools, di Le Braghe Corte

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