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Testo della canzone

Get up watch the clock yes I'm already late
another working day is waiting
I know what my boss is surely gonna say to me:
another time you're fired

I just take my place the job is always the same
doing this and that and keep on smiling
thanks god it's friday soon or later I'll be done

it's almost 12 o'clock
the time is standing still
all I can think is to get out
from here and finally break free

shouting out
fuck this fucking job
this fucking job
rules I've had enough
I've had enough
I've got to stay away a while from here

I need a chilling beach
sun sea and chicks
drink and never think
and never think
monday don't expect me to be back there

well I'm still here the time is passing too slow
so I lock myself into the closet to smoke
but my boss just has a good smell for weed
the fuck you think you are

yes you're right it wont happen anymore
like everyday I'm eating big shit
thanks god it's friday soon or later I'll be done

it's almost 5 o'clock...

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