Le Braghe Corte - Testo Lyrics Garden song

Testo della canzone

Come back to me my little bird
the flowers are in bloom your lovely eyes are too
come back to me you lesbian feminist
I hate you like my father and I love you like mother

I need you so and you need me too
I have some tasteful chips that help you growing strong
hey where you looking I'm here beside your side
and I'm calling you like a flashing light so

come back and kiss my sandals
hey little bird
come back to me I wanna feed you
you cannot leave me now
till I decide your time is up

sweet and lovely words never work it out
you're forcing me to treat you worse and worse
come back to me you lesbian feminist
I love you like my mother and I hate you like my father so...

Album che contiene Garden song

album Another ball in the hole - Le Braghe CorteAnother ball in the hole
2003 - Ska, Punk Alternative Produzioni, Venus Dischi
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