Le Braghe Corte - Testo Lyrics I fall in love (with every girl i see)

Testo della canzone

Wake up in a room that I don't know
next to a girl I met last night
I'm sure I'll love her all my life

it's late I have to go to school
get a bus I never looked that cool before
who's there standing on the door

here we go again
just a glance and my heart breaks down
I fall in love with every girl I see
here we go again
I'll never find the girl of my life
'cause I fall in love with every girl

back home I think of her all day
her smile takes my breath away
I fancy to go out and play

go to park to kick a ball with mates
have fun when I saw 2 big tits come by
funny bumping up and down

Album che contiene I fall in love (with every girl i see)

album Another ball in the hole - Le Braghe CorteAnother ball in the hole
2003 - Ska, Punk Alternative Produzioni, Venus Dischi
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