Le Braghe Corte - King Of The Fools testo lyric


Pick up the phone
guess who the hell is calling at this time
I'm staying on my own
don't wanna hear anything else
but my own hidden thoughts
I'm all alone
trying the moves and saying everything
that comes up in my mind
oh what a time
oh what a lovely day, some might say

I'm feeling wise, I'm feeling all right
king of the fools, babe
come into my room and I will tell you about

I never get drowned by the tears that I cry
holding on the things that makes me feel fine
keep your head up and give yourself a name again

another ball gets in his hole
I'm gonna get me lained
I need a shot of pot, I like a lot
it's not the answer to my secret plots

six feet underground
I am heading to
in between I am the star
that shines so bright


La canzone King Of The Fools si trova nell'album King Of the Fools uscito nel 2006 per Lunatik, Venus Dischi.

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