Le Braghe Corte - L.I.A.R. testo lyric


Some might get it, some may not
some might say that I've got brilliant stories to tell
nevermind they're real or fake
I love to tell a novel about me on a boat
spending time with topless chicks
and having a couple drinks with osama and don king

I relate to places that I've never seen before
describing things that I don't even know

I'm a stuntman, I'm a thief
I'm whatever you would like me to be, so my friend
try to smoke my cigarette
it's easy to make the girls fall in love
whisper them a story about me and a shark
and how we got engaged when I fell down from that wave

I've got a second name I never told anyone
4 are the letters, it's spelled L. I. A. and R.


that's what I am
but I don't really mind at all
my point of view is far from you

you're my audience, I'm the show
please don't turn away back home, I've got another lie:
for a year I've been a spy (der)
taking off if you know what I mean
I'm all right in a hall of fame
I'm never gonna tell
what a jerk I really am

the main reason why I do all this shit
is to get to another truth
you won't be able to dispute

I love to tell a novel about when I was young
robbing banks with a gun
so 1, 2, 3
will someone set me free

...but I don't know who I am


La canzone L.I.A.R. si trova nell'album King Of the Fools uscito nel 2006 per Lunatik, Venus Dischi.

Copertina dell'album King Of the Fools, di Le Braghe Corte

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