Le Braghe Corte - Testo Lyrics Party tonite

Testo della canzone

Woke up late this afternoon
I had a dream about babylon
there were people jumping around drinking gallons of beer
it gave me this great idea my dear

hey babe you've got to dress up
there's something in the air today
there's gonna be a party tonight

comb my hair and shine my shoes
put on a t-shirt that shows my tattoos
call all the girls of the neighbourhood
'may a call some friends?' 'yeah, everything is good!'

now tell it to your friends and neighbours
and just buy some fucking ice-cold beer
because there's gonna be a party tonight

Album che contiene Party tonite

album Another ball in the hole - Le Braghe CorteAnother ball in the hole
2003 - Ska, Punk Alternative Produzioni, Venus Dischi
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