Le Braghe Corte - Testo Lyrics Stadium

Testo della canzone

Another sunday is coming at the end of the same long busy week
6 days I've been waiting to get back to my favourite seat
try to understand that I need to get out some energy
that's why I act like a jailed man who just got free

get up and get your favourite shirt and go to meet your company
have a couple beers before going in the battlefield
people never get the reason that keeps us to get along
neither I but I don't care when I have fun

come on and sing along
we're going to the stadium
I love to watch my football team
and always sing a song

Album che contiene Stadium

album Another ball in the hole - Le Braghe CorteAnother ball in the hole
2003 - Ska, Punk Alternative Produzioni, Venus Dischi
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