Le Braghe Corte - Stadium testo lyric


Another sunday is coming at the end of the same long busy week
6 days I've been waiting to get back to my favourite seat
try to understand that I need to get out some energy
that's why I act like a jailed man who just got free

get up and get your favourite shirt and go to meet your company
have a couple beers before going in the battlefield
people never get the reason that keeps us to get along
neither I but I don't care when I have fun

come on and sing along
we're going to the stadium
I love to watch my football team
and always sing a song


La canzone Stadium si trova nell'album Another ball in the hole uscito nel 2003 per Alternative Produzioni, Venus Dischi.

Copertina dell'album Another ball in the hole, di Le Braghe Corte

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