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Testo della canzone

I never ever met a girl like you
hey sexy lady, what an attitude
and I go so crazy on my own
oh, what do I do
I 'm gonna fall in love with you
I'll try to know your rules
looking at your moves
and over and over again
I ramble in the night
looking for a light that I want to shine
my knees get weak when I see you baby
walking through the dance floor
my heart is pumping up, up
it won't stop
my tongue is stucked, what's up?
I can't talk at all, I'm fucked
please don't turn away from me
'cause now I don't know what to say

so I write this song for you
I don't mind elton did it too
oh girl you're hot, you make the time stop
and pull me away
like a flower in bloom you've got the groove
that's what I say
you turn me on, turn me on, turn me on
but when you look at me, when you look at me
I'm on the run

Oh, where the hell have you been before
you filled a hole in my soul
I never felt the same at all
now I wake up with a smile
knowing you out there
walking down the street
with your sexy style
and the look in your bright eyes
Oh, am I gonna die
if I won't ever get your love

you're the beauty of the night
the sun that melts my heart
like heaven on earth, I feel it
my tongue gets stucked, what's up?
I can't talk at all, I'm fucked
please don't turn away from me

Album che contiene You Turn Me On

album King Of the Fools Le Braghe Corte
King Of the Fools 2006 - Ska, Rock, Punk Venus Dischi

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