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Am i supposed to be your soul savior!
Or can i be just a long time failure?
Tonight it's the last time,
i promise you!
I'll start to cross the styx
as a new born with a new life
now get away from me!
Deeper and deeper my roots find the ground,
growning and waiting
for the river to cross!
Now it?s your turn!
Ready or not?
Let?s start to play this game
resisting the river?s flow!!
It?s your time! Bit?s your time!
Too many questions are exploding
in my brain,
what's wrong with me?
I supposed to be your soul savior.
No more time ! No more time!
The damage is done,
now cross the line!
Now get away from here!
Even if i'm drowning
i don?t feel like i?m dying!
Something is changin in me
now i breath into the water!


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La canzone Charon si trova nell'album Available For Propaganda uscito nel 2004 per Earache, Self Distribuzione S.p.A..

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