Linea 77 meat Testo Lyrics

Linea 77 meat Testo Lyrics

Rock, Hardcore, Crossover 

Torino, Piemonte

Testo della canzone

Now i'm confused
But the fly continue to fight against the screen
I watch but the head start to go around cause nwo there's silence
Now there's a new box on your bed I 'm feeling free no w i'm
feeling different
Watch me cause my blood has done my meat So sweet
Now i'm here driving my car faster than everyone
Now my head is so clear like your eyes eat me Swallow me then eat
me now
Please let's take my hand and lick my head " how is clear"

With your anger-tears eat my bones eat my bones eat my bones
So where's my god fear i can see your eyes

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album Too much happiness (makes kids paranoid) - Linea 77

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