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Testo della canzone

Look your
wonderful face in the mirror do you like it?
Oh my god i'm really cool noone could say me something
Cause i'm the best guy in my fuckin' town
Think god think if someone knows what my nature is ha ha.
What i'll do and what i'm doing everyday every single day
I'm living in a great house and then i had a wonderful car
But two days ago i've lost it in a bet but don't worry a new car
Will come oh don't worry i don't steal bugs i'm only selling
An innocent hem i don't know how i could name it but
It's really pure and it's a wonderful driiin for your soul
And say you wake up call it shit but fell it if if you dare
Call me shit call me muthafucka Call me shit but i 'm not the
only one
Oh shit watch the clock click clik clock and tic tac toc my
As glue in my mouth rest in peace ho sorry i'm really sorry
I don't say you one thing only one listen me you know
My junk is strange cause compel you to close your mouth
And to listen what i'm saing shut up wake up little buddy
This is the world this is the life oh fuck where are you livin?
In a dream?
Noooo it's a fuckin real story it's a crack-point in the world of
your dirty convinctions
You are nothin you are nothin like me and your fuckin' money
Smells like the white man history i'm the consequence of your
Camon i feel camon i feel it now noise-dive oh my head is goin
And my legs start to fly oh watch me watch me i'm living.....oh
my god
Don't worry i'm comin back sorry i feel it

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