Linea 77 - Testo Lyrics swellfish

Testo della canzone

Please make me
understand what should i do now
'Cause nothing change and your face is becoming so sad
And my pain hide itself into my chest you don't understand it's
so difficult to go ahead
To go ahead Blinded by the explosion
Nothing change and the past rest in peace as a shit it's so sweet

Think your life diffrent from this and i suspect that you don't
care at all right man
I don't give a fuck if the roof is falling down then
Ihope that it bury my present my past the things in which i trust

Please leave me alone cause my waterworld is so cold and my body
is loosing its features
And little by little i'm going down until to touch bottom

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album Too much happiness (makes kids paranoid) - Linea 77Too much happiness (makes kids paranoid)
1998 - Rock, Hardcore, Crossover Collapse Rec.
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