Born in 2005 in Padua under another name (Mastide), Andrew, Edward and Albert had very bad troubles over these years. At the end of Mastide, their initial adventure (ten gigs), Andrea and Edy tried to create something new inspiring themselves by their past in common. LITTLE BOY LOST was found (Little Boy Lost, their first self produced ep) and began to play several gigs as a duo (drum vs guitar) all over Padua, Vicenza and..who remembers? Andrew plays guitar and sings, Edy beats the drums as if there were no tomorrow. In 2007 Edy left the band for a mysterious reason (a woman) and a new drummer joined the band, Mattia Munaron, who partecipated actively in the recording sessions of their debut album SUISOUND. Under the production of Franz Fabiano, the two (because basically this group is a duo, or a trio, as you like it) tried to play wherever they could, without any success. The cold climax exploded in the mid of 2008, when the duo split again. Destiny laughed at the face of the inactive group. Andrew started seriously thinking that he was the problem, so he ran away in Argentina, where he recollected his mind and washed himself in the Atlantic Ocean. When he came back in Italy, Edy joined the band again and they started composing new songs, in order to delete their past. Little Boy Lost born again and played many other gigs throughout Padua, Vicenza, Venice, Trento and..who remembers? Tommaso Mazzonetto, a very talented bass player, joined the band for a short period of time from 2009 to the end of the same year. The original duo lasted for another year, then decided to let Alberto join the band again in April 2011, as a bass player. In June of the same year the band recorded their second album titled SIM, playing like never before all around their limited zone..but that wasn't enough. It's never enough. As you can see the project Little Boy Lost involved many independent musicians and it's never completed.

SIM will be available very soon