Speculative rock

Roberto Meda
Certified of Figure Proficiency (CFP) by Estill Voice International (http://www.estillvoice.com/instructors/cfp). Took lessons from Marina Marauda, Paola Tomalino, Susi Amerio, Altrisuoni music school. Performed with several rock/hard rock/rock progressive original and cover bands (Black Row, Kerion, Pleasure Sisters, Loreweaver).

Alberto Ivaldi
Graduated in Pop-Rock Guitar Language course at Borgo della Musica school in Milan. Previously took lessons from Luca Pasqua and Danilo Bar. Former member and founder of Black Row hard rock cover band. Collaborations with rock and blues local artists.

Massimiliano Orso
Attending to Arte della batteria course at Borgo della Musica school in Milan (taught by Walter Calloni and Ruggero Pazzaglia). Current drums player of Appaloosa hard rock cover band. Former member of Black Row and The Miracle - Queen tribute band.

Enrico Ivaldi
Leader and founder of Operation Kino hard rock cover band and several original and cover bands. Winner of the Massimo Ascolto prize, promoted by La Stampa newspaper in 2007 with Rogorock band. Took lessons from Nicola Bruno.

Riccardo Campagno
Graduated in Pianoforte at Conservatorio Statale di Musica A. Vivaldi of Alessandria. Member of several bands: Più 39 (Italian rock tribute), Red Planes (classic rock), Tanguera (Tango dancing supporting band), Seventy-one (rock), Il Vaso di Pandora (progressive rock)

Alessia Fabris
Took lessons from Susi Amerio

Alice Vigo
Graduated at Scuola del Musical (SDM) in Milan. Former guitarist of 60s beat/pop group Le Minigonne.