Lorenzo A. e Fabio P. - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Look my eyes



Descrizione Look my eyes

lorenzo a.

Testo della canzone

Look my eyes, i'm alone
sitting in a corner, with no one.
changing my skin, changing my mind
looking thees emotions,nothing is mine.
Losting my efforts,losting my time
there isn't nothing for making a smile
coming the night,depression is hope,
coming the day,i'm still alone.

Can i fall in my darkness and closing my eyes?
Can i read all that i've done and closing everything? (lost).

rain,pain,falling,climbing, designing a new world.
closed,opend,strange,normal,i have two cosciences.
everything that i've found for years is here but look my eyes, i've deleted all yet

Album che contiene Look my eyes

album Concept - Lorenzo A. e Fabio P.Concept
2015 - Cantautore, Strumentale, Alternativo
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