MACBETH Aloisa Testo Lyrics

MACBETH Aloisa Testo Lyrics

Metal, Gotico 

Milano, Lombardia

Testo della canzone

Ye that now smile
In fronte of my colde statue
By blue musk veilede
Ye know not my sadde storie
I remember now the cold I felt
When your eyes turned
Towards that poisoned flower
I have dreamt of thee
I have dreamt of our serene past times
But they have passed, alas!
I have loved thee more than my own life
Now I wonder in the wind,
And I dream endlessly
I have slept no longer
I have spoke no longer
My name is Aloisa and I bring sweet perfumes and love
To sad ladies

Album che contiene Aloisa

album Vanitas - MACBETH
Vanitas 2001 - Metal, Gotico Dragonheart Records, Audioglobe

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