MACBETH - Aloisa testo lyric


Ye that now smile
In fronte of my colde statue
By blue musk veilede
Ye know not my sadde storie
I remember now the cold I felt
When your eyes turned
Towards that poisoned flower
I have dreamt of thee
I have dreamt of our serene past times
But they have passed, alas!
I have loved thee more than my own life
Now I wonder in the wind,
And I dream endlessly
I have slept no longer
I have spoke no longer
My name is Aloisa and I bring sweet perfumes and love
To sad ladies


La canzone Aloisa si trova nell'album Vanitas uscito nel 2001 per Dragonheart Records, Audioglobe.

Copertina dell'album Vanitas, di MACBETH

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