Noir from 2001

Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, also known as MMM, started back in 2001 as a power electronics / harsh noise solo project by Adriano Vincenti. Since from the start, the sex explicit lyrics and rough images have been a peculiar constant, as seen in the 1st record "Profilo Ottimale delle Ferite", focused on raw and rough murder stories. In 2004 MMM started capturing noir jazz and swing in their noise. "Black Rubber Exotica" is a vivid and morbid portrait of white noise and black jazz. "Dolce Vita" in 2006 introduced more acoustic elements and perhaps less noise. This was a first experiment to mix the wide and varied influences of the mainman Adriano Vincenti. In 2007, "Ultimo Vero Bacio" was a soundtrack to an imaginary film with a lot of ambience and cinematic landscapes. During the tour to this record, Lorenzo Macinanti joins the band. After a 4 years hiatus, the band gets back with "Hard Boiled Night Club", a more precise and sharpen picture of the Criminal Jazz tainted with Noise that is the trademark of MMM. In 2013, "Black Lake Confidence" gets worldwide excellent reviews and offer a Doom-Drone-Jazz sound, probably the most deep and intense work so far. In 2014 it's finally time to look back to the early days. "Gli Anni del Sangue" is a live record from the very first live performance of MMM in 2003. "Nylon Crimes" is the last record of the band with a very special guest in the line up, Paolo Bandera from Sigillum S and SShe Retina Stimulans, a musician who has made the story of the Italian power electronics movement from the 80s. In 2015 the band released "Funeral Jazz", a bastard collection of noir ballads in the sign of Tom Waits, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. The sound is once again morbid and hectic, blending softness and harshness with perverted lyrics about serial killers, sex, rape vengeance and murder for love. Their finest record to date with no doubt.
In 2017 it's time for "Hiver Noir", a blurred black record, mostly ambient and dark doom, with long progressive doom suites. For this record, MMM wanted to explore again the sound of "Black Lake Confidence" with deeper atmospheres and fiercer sound and more analog syntetizers.