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Testo della canzone

No life, no life without a fall
Now the wind has swept us all
Down to this mission wall
And the love, the love we pray to keep
Has buried us so deep
And me singing this same sad song
How I fell into her arms
Her warm and loving arms
She said: You can never be free
You can never be like me
Now I'm a mad dog and I'll be
Now you honey on my tree
Whether sweet tomorrow
In the mellow wallow
Oh there's still time to borrow
And in the mellow wallow, yeah
We will never have it all
Tonight I'm screaming at the wall
Peel the paint of my window rail
Touch, material has no choice
Peel the paint off with my voice
Curse this city's deplex song
Now I'm sleeping on the floor
Honey I'm soaking wet and
Oh they're coming out, they're coming out, they're coming for me
As long as we are free
We'll be doomed to live and die
Under the great suburban sky
And I'll always holler
In the mellow wallow
Oh there's still time to borrow
And in the mellow wallow
Heaven, heaven head of hell
You are treating me quite well
Washed me up upon a shore
Now I'm scratching down your door
All the words become my hands
Cold and broken on the floor
Peeling gooseflesh off your back
Pulling back your long black hair
Now this beauty is my queen
Skinny arms so very slow
A perfume neck and a blanket so small
Oh, what beauty, oh what bridge
I will sleep tomorrow
And in the mellow wallow
Oh, there's still time to borrow
And in the mellow wallow
Oh, and I fall to be controlled
Lost and swept away
I will always wait it out
Won't you listen now
Let me sleep tomorrow inn
We'll never have it all-acap

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