Shoegaze and dreampop rock music from Copenhagen, Denmark. Opalescent lyrics floating over a layer of feedback, reverb and melodies.

Mad To Be Saved is a project born from an idea of Salvatore Rizza. Salvatore started as a bass player and composer in the funk-reggae band Fuck Simile in the early 2000, band arose in the south of Italy and active until 2004. With Fuck Simile Salvatore produced two EP and four years of live shows, alternated only with a collaboration with the punk-rock band Morrison Wood during summer tour in 2003 and the partecipation to the I-TIM Tour festival in Matera in 2002. After the Fuck Simile experience, Salvatore began working to the ethnic project Magaria with the singer/composer Francesco “Jakinta” Iaquinta, the guitarist Ferdinando Olivieri and Ex-component of Fuck Simile Marco Locanto, Salvatore Locanto (now in the band Statale 107BIS) and Fabio Bernardi (Unione Suonatori dei Base) )in Bologna, which ended with the staging of the music Opera “La legenda del Re Pagano” in several memorable shows. After his moving in Rome, Salvatore entered in the grunge-rock band MINIMITERMINI as a guitarist. With MINIMITERMINI Salvatore recorded the first demo “Novalgina Sex Train” of the band. After their first grunge-inspired demo "NOVALGINA SEX TRAIN", the band starts to move towards a new electronic sound, always characterized by aggressivity and melancony, but enriched of pop melodies, electronic music and shoegaze contamination where Drum machine and synthetizers substitute heavy drum patterns and distorted guitars of first work. After a 2012 full of LIVE experience, opening the act of historical italian rock bands (CCCP, DIAFRAMMA, AFTERHOURS), during summer 2013 Salvatore produced MINIMITERMINI new record, NOVOTRONIK, the result of all this experience, receiving major reviews, and paving the way for the band to the most prestigious clubs in the Italian capital. In the meanwhile, Salvatore joined as a Bouzouki player the combat folk'n roll band P.H.A.K.E. with the former components of SUPERFETAZIONE, for nearly two years of fun and exciting gigs in the capital. The P.H.A.K.E., creative forge still active, releases its live energy LIVE in heterogeneous environments: comfortable in the alcohol heat of a neighborhood pub as well as in the framework "arty" of the Macro Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome; on the stage of a rock club or a social center, a movie theater or a classroom to sonorize silent films and animation. In the end of 2013 Salvatore moved to Denmark to propose its music. In Copenhagen, Salvatore together with Antonella Pacifico (MINIMITERMINI singer and main composer) and Elena Montomoli (guitarist in MINIMITERMINI), gave birth to Lucien Midnight project, the direct continuation of MINIMITERMINI and started to record new material that will see the light in 2015. At the moment Salvatore is the music producer of Antonella Pacifico’s new record called “Rome in Reverse”, that will be released in the end of 2014. In parallel, Salvatore worked on his personal material drenched of noisy fuzzy guitars, pop melodies and elegant lyrics. MadTobeSaved is the name of this project, and the first record has been release on November 2014.