marcoammarband - Testo Lyrics Bruised Angel

Descrizione Bruised Angel

Capita di mentire per non ferire e l'istinto, di solito, porta a farlo con le persone più pure.

Credits Bruised Angel

Music and lyrics by Marco Ammar

Testo della canzone

Lies were my rescue plan
I meant to hide from you this ugliness
Wish I could keep your feathers dry
I only want to see you fly

but baby this pain is old
a sort of promise untold
baby, this pain is old

Some places shine under starry skies
and float you to the break of day
until the sun fades them away
until the sun fades them away

Did you fall from your cloud distracted by some human voice?
Was that a meaningless mistake or did you just make this reckless choice?
I wish that I could catch your fall
or heal the bruises on your soul

but baby this world is cruel
pain will subside, but purity is denied

Album che contiene Bruised Angel

album Conscious Delirium - marcoammarbandConscious Delirium
2013 - Rock, Indie, Alternativo
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