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Descrizione Hamsters

Il conformismo può avere diversi volti, ma miete in ogni caso le sue vittime, dei criceti umani!!

Credits Hamsters

Music and lyrics by Marco Ammar

Testo della canzone

Hail hail.. such a misery
you shake hands and put on a witty smile
Neckties and daily ceremonies
you comply with every formality

You’re so lonesome in the land of your dreams
No sign of life in your subliminal stream
No hesitation ever leads you astray
and tomorrow’s gonna be like every other fucking day

Miss Glam got lost in her magazine
she sweeps down over the fields of celebrities
Cursed by the eyes of perfection
she complies to every new fashion prescription

She’s so sexy when she walks on high heels
No flawless diva ever falls on her knees
Overflowing with supreme and divine
she’s ready for anything to make her name shine

Disclose all your rubber taste opinions
the nonsense of your obsolete equations
like renowned is respectable
and uncomely is unreliable

Album che contiene Hamsters

album Conscious Delirium marcoammarband
Conscious Delirium 2013 - Rock, Indie, Alternativo

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