Marco Schnabl - Testo Lyrics A different day

Credits A different day

Produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Schnabl for Think Ahead Music.

Testo della canzone

Music & Lyrics by Marco Schnabl, 2014

Shall we take a walk
Shall we have a talk
Slowly? Slowly…
Shall we just enjoy
Breathing through this day?
Be whole, be whole…

Will I talk in vain
Will you feel my pain
Or not? Or not…
Shall I take the blame
For not being ashamed
Of me? Of me…

Haven't I told you that today
I couldn't face my lonely way?
Haven't I told you that today
I needed just to be a different day?

Shall we go back home?
Shall we linger here?
Your call, your call…Was it good a day?
Will I see you again
Once more? Once more...

Album che contiene A different day

album Marco Schnabl EP - Marco SchnablMarco Schnabl EP
2015 - Rock, Cantautore
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