Marco Schnabl Solitude Testo Lyrics

Marco Schnabl Solitude Testo Lyrics

Cantautore, Soul, Rock 

Taranto, Puglia

Credits Solitude

Produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Schnabl for Think Ahead Music.

Testo della canzone

Music & Lyrics by Marco Schnabl. 2014

Solitude is a place where everything goes on
Solitude is custom made for every baby born
Solitude is a brand new car shining on a fast road
And every time it passes by I want to jump on board

Solitude is the sound of water on the rocks
Solitude is a race and nothing can be lost
Solitude is the girl you think you'd fall in love
Solitude is the illusion to mend your broken heart

Solitude is a stage blinded by the lights
Solitude is my voice singing to a crowd
Solitude is a friend you don't even know you've got
And every time I feel alone he's' the first one I call...

Album che contiene Solitude

album Marco Schnabl EP - Marco Schnabl
Marco Schnabl EP 2015 - Cantautore, Rock

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