Marco Schnabl - Testo Lyrics The cinema show

Credits The cinema show

Produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Schnabl for Think Ahead Music.

Testo della canzone

Music & Lyrics by Marco Schnabl, 2015
I want to make every mistake that I'm supposed to do
Shifting the cross from bone to bone, I want to experience that too
Yes, it's understandable
Yeah, it's comprehensible
Grab your seat and get comfortable
Enjoy my cinema show
No tear is shed, no guilt is set, just stomp the ground beneath
Trip over fast, unknown the dusk, glimpse of a light ahead of me
I want to make every mistake, open my door please do
Take a step in, where have I been? Wandering out in the blue…
Yeah, I feel comfortable
Kind of disposable
Yet now responsible
For this construction of mine
I want to make all the mistakes…those I'm supposed to do
I want to fall, stand up again and walk
I want to roam the uncharted and the untold
I want to be mistaken, therefore come out awakened
Eyes wide open on each single frame, as slow as it takes, as far as I

Album che contiene The cinema show

album Marco Schnabl EP - Marco SchnablMarco Schnabl EP
2015 - Rock, Cantautore
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