Marco Patrignani - I Want You testo lyric



When my life is always uniform
While my time seems to change again
I can’t think of anyone else but you
I’ll get over any trouble if you’d be here
here with me
I’m not able to imagine
that I can fall in love again with
a girl different in her ways from yours
now my world is you and nothing matters
My sweet love
And I want you

Maybe I am still confused
or it’s the fear to be true
If I can’t say to you all the things I want
but now that you are so far away
there’s anything, now,
I won’t do for you
And I’ve tried to hide my mood away
I didn’t want to understand my heart
but now I can’t even dream on
Only one thought is growing in my heart
You’ll be here, here for me
Yes, I want you

People always go, all around me, without replying
Always going on, in the same street, without seeing
But then sorrow, a sweet, light sorrow
and I want you


Marco Sysma (autore, voce, chitarre, tastiere)
Antonino Augugliaro (batteria)
Roberto Meloni (basso)


La canzone I Want You si trova nell'album Rock' n' Roll Will Never Die uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Rock' n' Roll Will Never Die, di Marco Patrignani

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