Marco Patrignani - Searching For A Woman testo lyric



Searching for a woman I can’t find

Midnight and I say to myself
“Is my life on the right way?”
Nowhere is the place I live now

What to do ? And I’m searching for a reply
I’m waiting to find you
I’m sure you’re the right one this time
And I feel your life inside mine

Too many things to do everyday
No time to see my own life
Two years ago, seems yesterday

And I want to know: who are you
I can find you everywhere
You could be so far or by my side
And I want to feel every part of you

Too much things to do everyday
People are always running everywhere
But I stay here in the same place
I don’t know what day it’s today
I am looking for my life
‘n’ I hope to recognize you
In the crowd
Tell me where are you


Marco Sysma (autore, voce, chitarre, tastiere)
Antonino Augugliaro (batteria)
Roberto Meloni (basso)


La canzone Searching For A Woman si trova nell'album Rock' n' Roll Will Never Die uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Rock' n' Roll Will Never Die, di Marco Patrignani

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