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Testo della canzone

Why get involved if the
pain's hard to bear?
Close your ears and then your eyes!
can't come near me!
Who really cares?Who really tries?to look at all when it's easy not to fight
Things only bring you down!

No face to face!
The human race...
Calling on your fears...
Ain't music for my ears!
Suddenly,in the air...
Serenity is there!
A face without a frown...
The world's not falling down!

There's something you can do!
Only figures on a screen...
This is today not yesterday!
Shadows disappear!
Nothing left to fear
so life goes on and it's not unliveable
Try not to look so sad!
Feet on the ground!

And look around!
So the world is mad!
But really not so bad
Why bother than to shout?
That time's running out!
When nothing more is clear...
serenity is here!!!

Album che contiene Serenity

album If Mario Biondi
If 2009 - Soul, Jazz

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