Mario Biondi Yes You Testo Lyrics

Mario Biondi Yes You Testo Lyrics

Soul, Jazz 

Catania, Sicilia

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Testo della canzone

My life
After i first saw you
I knew you were part
of me
you would play the part
you would take my heart
yes you

For you
Life should have no ending
I watch as you grow
I hold you so close
to me
pray that you will stay
pray you'll never stray
from home, from me.

I know you must grow
I know that you must grow
Away.... far from me

And now
That you have depated
I feel empty inside
I feel the divide
so strong
Know you had to go
but I want you so
Please let me know
That you are OK
inside your soul

I know you had to go
But I love you so
I want, my dear, to say
There's always a special place
For you
in my heart

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album Yes You Live - Mario Biondi
Yes You Live 2010 - Soul, Jazz

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