Marsh Mallows - 7th Heaven testo lyric


I wanna grow young, young is not a fault,
Fault is not a song, c'mon ? Seventh Heaven!
Demons inside, in deep is not so fine
I want to pass the line, c'mon ? Seventh Heaven!

Breathing the air, the air is calling my name,
My name is now a new shame, c'mon ? Seventh Heaven!
Heavy countdown, till the edge of new town
Town is heavy as the sound, c'mon ? Seventh Heaven and you

Comin' back, comin'back
Take control and burn another star
I feel so cold

Mistress please forget my sins
I'm child in a wild new dream

Broken the lies, lies surround all the night
Night is where I can hide, c'mon ? Seventh Heaven!
From the hole of the sun, here is where doesn't burn
Here's the cure where you are going, c'mon ? Seventh Heaven!

Don't call me dear friend, fire is what I am,
You cannot understand, c'mon ? Seventh Heaven!
Everytime that I Thought of my bloody work,
Words can't tell what I've done, c'mon ? Seventh Heaven and you

Never say die, never fear now
Nothing can stop it, the hell is all around


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La canzone 7th Heaven si trova nell'album Imperfect uscito nel 2004.

Copertina dell'album Imperfect, di Marsh Mallows

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