Matt was born in the Conselve 14/03/1983, began playing the guitar for the first time at the age of 15 years in the aftermath of a family bereavement, the loss of his father, which brings Matt to take refuge in music to try to fill the enormous lack created within the family. Browse by himself for more than five years learning the basics of music and experimenting in the first band formed with friends in those years. In 2004 forms The MININGTOWN, what is still its official band, a project that was born first as a cover band of Ryan Adams and then turns over the years as the only real outlet for the vein and composition of Matt. In 2006 he began and he attended a course in guitar for a period of two years, student of the great Enrico GHETTI great guitarist in the music scene of Rovigo, the course that opens up to Matt musical worlds hitherto unknown in confirming him the certainty that the music carries takes with it the possibility of endless opportunities and ideas. In 2007, starting with the first experiences with live MININGTOWN that intensified between 2009 and 2010 turning point for the band that came out from a period not very happy. In April 2010 the publication of "Fall and Rising" the band's first EP containing five songs written and arranged by the same Matt, ep that is well received by music critics. Following an intense tour that reaches the maximum data rate of visibility during ITALIAN TOUR Neal Casal, reputable American songwriter with 13 albums in assets, excluding collaborations with the Cardinals, where NEAL band juggles the electric guitar.
Matt knows Neal by now three years and the opportunity of this Italian Tour creates even more of a friendly relationship with the singer, which leads him to perform with him during the date of June 17 to Piombino Gattarossa and to open with MININGTOWN in the date of June 12 in Zoagli (GE).
In January of 2011 with the growing MININGTOWN publicated "Out Of Love," their first full album, here nine new songs all written and composed by Matt. Always in March of 2011 Matt released his first solo album "Amnesia," an EP of five acoustic tracks self-produced music that broadens the horizons of the leader of Miningtown into the future and a possible full album all solo. Shortly after the release of "Amnesia" Matt has a way to even compare himself in AUSTIN (Texas) with the largest population of musicians that a city within a year has to offer! Brings his music to the famous SXSW Festival and at last knows what his real homeland music is.