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It's becoming dark inside my mind
I'm falling prey of the vampire
I try to hide but there's no way
he's everywhere I try to stay
the night is coming soon
free the little monster
(who's hiding inside you)

welcome into the darkness
into the sweetest nightmare
into the horrible market
happiness is when your sadness
turns into showbusiness
entertaining the audience

the fear inside my soul
the pain inside your words
tonight it's hard to stop the infection
tonight will be so hard
(to trust anyone)
cause you have been the last one striked
and now you might be looking for
(another neck)
most of the people who are fighting
against the vampire's power
would like to live in a coffin.



La canzone Into the darkness si trova nell'album Into the darkness, into the moda (edition 2001) uscito nel 2000 per Venus Dischi.

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