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We drunk too muchjust to remember. Oblivion's clear, in morning light.Could we plunge any further?Memory is lying on the ocean's floor.We drink a lot, to dive within.Could we plunge any deeper?The wolves spread out, go to the houses on New Year's eve. Tidy up the closets and make the beds and hide every peace of proofand then divour the elderly.Man we'll desert you at the hight of your glory.These arms we were hanging on to - arms of a dead man.Waves break on the bridge, you are jumping on it.Keens eco, clouds stream, and then a deep, ten year long whirpool made me loose all I ever had.That's how we met.Worn out on a deserted life boat.Escape from the umpteenth wreckage.An empire surfaces from the ruins of the last declined dream Don't look at him!Please! Please! Something terrible is going on. Flocks of birds move away from the coast. Under the weeping willow your son makes love for the first time in the day of war.Light house keepers murdered on the cliffAnd the cliff burns..


La canzone Then si trova nell'album And Then We Met The Impero uscito nel 2004.

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