mimmo parisi - artista - Carrie

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G Em G C G Am
When lights go down I see no reason for you to cry
G C D D Em G C
We've been thro' this before in every time in every season
G Am G C D
God knows I've tried so please don't ask for more
C D C Am D C D
Can't you see it in my eyes Well this might be our last goodbye
G D Em D C D Em
Car rie car rie
Dsus4 D G D G D C D Em
things they change my friend Car rie car rie
Dsus4 D Am G C G
maybe we'll meet again somewhere again
verse 2:
I read your mind, with no intensions
Of being unkind, I wish I could explain
It all takes time, a whole lot of patience
If it's a crime, how come i feel no pain
Can't you see it in my eyes

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