MOOD, emotions through music.

The MOOD - PATRIZIO TAMBORRIELLO (voice and guitar), MAX SAVINO (guitar) FILIPPO SAVINO (voice and bass) and PRIMIANO DI NAUTA (drums) - was born in 2011 and originate from a close trio with the new entry of the singer Patrizio.
The band comes from a long musical way, started in the beginning of 2000s, when the trio Max, Filippo and Primiano, all very fond of the ’70 and the ’90 rock music, start to collaborate playing principally cover music of that years. After some months, other ideas took place and the trio created the band “Altrosud”, with the collaboration of a singer later called in Tuscany, where he still sings.

In 2001, Altrosud, after some live performance and a low cost recording, misfired and broke up, leaving in the back unfinished songs and many other ideas that never fell apart completely. So that, between 2002 and 2006, Max Primiano and Filippo kept on playing together, even if nonchalantly, keeping alive those ideas and, at the same time, working on other projects separately, which gave them the opportunity to mix together different musical styles.

At the end of 2010, under the incentive of Primiano, the future “Mood” start to look for the fourth element, till, in 2011, the meeting with Patrizio allows the band to refine all the ideas on which they have been working year after year, and to reach the performance of the melodic rock that characterizes their first creation “On the moon”, composed by 6 tracks, 3 of which outcome of several years of progress.

2012 has been entirely dedicated to the arrangement and the recording, very slowly and carefully, till summer 2013, when the 6 tracks record is finally ready for the supply.

MOOD, that is “emotions through music”, long instrumental parts, intense crescendo of clear ’90 master rock sound. “another times” band and “another times” record is one of the most frequent definitions. Listen and let you go, this is the only thing MOOD ask to everybody wants to listen to them.

The great artists who do more and will always inspire the MOOD are:
PINK FLOYD, MOTORPSYCHO, RADIOHEAD, PEARL JAM, SOUNDGARDEN, DEUS, BLACKMAIL and THE BEATLES, clearly. Everything the MOOD play is and will always be a homage to the Big music artists who have always inspired them.