Muddy Fly - Testo Lyrics last breath

Testo della canzone

I'm talking about the rain inside...I feel now
There's something that tastes bad in my kills me
The last one and then I'll change my life...believe me
I promise but maybe I'll change my mind...forgive me
I don't want to be

You never you never go away...leave me alone
You bring me you bring me to my I wrong
You'd better you'd better fake the day..when I'm gone
You never....

There's something that never fades my head
It's the people and the candles on my face..they bruise me
Tomorrow will be another day...believe me
Tomorrow the same shit as today...forgive me
I don't want to be

Please don't leave it's too hard to breath
It rains on me and on your faces
Your faces in my head
My head cries while you're smiling
Your sad smiles make me bad
I don't want to hear your good words
I don't want to feel ashamed
I just want to feel free from you
I just want to breath the air
Another air

Album che contiene last breath

album R_evolution - Muddy FlyR_evolution
2004 - Grunge Sub Records
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