NastiGi is an Alternative Rock Band

NastiGi create well-crafted songs with lots of mainstream appeal in a solid song structure with engaging lyrics, memorable melodies, and a catchy chorus that pops out and sticks in your mind ..... We are so proud that NastiGi music to be chosen among millions of new releases by Spotify team Editors hitting over 100,000 Monthly Listeners and more than 900,000 streams from all around the world. Press "Take Me As I Am" is pure GOLD! Brilliant musicianship and music production! Great song! Sensational, jaw-dropping, female lead-vocalist!" (Dan Orth (CEO/ Founder) at Lounge Renown Records) "Nice one Gianluca! Sounding great, man, reminds me of stone temple pilots" (Ollie - Big Spring) "Huge track" (Luke - Cleopatrick) Gianluca Nasticola alias NastiGi was born in Naples and currently resides in London, UK. He moved to London in 1998, and from then on he began an intense artistic journey full of international meetings and collaborations; with the Sleeping Giants (Pop rock band) he collaborated for the single Too Late with Platinum Selling Music Producer. 14 UK Top-10 Chart Hits, Andy Whitmore. Following the meeting with Alec Whittier (American producer) he formed the Dirth (Heavy Rock) together with John Moss (Culture Club’s drummer), were very active in the London underground circuit. After many years of gigs, venue, concerts, videos and appearances on TV and radio NastiGi spent the first half of 2018 working on their live performance and writing more materials