Necrodeath - Hate And Scorn testo lyric


Forgotten annihilated souls pray an idol called god, calling for salvation
Sons of a superior race we don't fear anyone
Shaped by hate we are invincible, sons of nobody we live for glory
God's bastards
We adore scorn!
Nocturnal beings satiated by hate untamed and savage larvas calling for mutation
Total rebuilt dimension, charity enfleebles spirit
Psychedelic insane minds, terror without resistance
No ways to live all together - hate and scorn
Hoping ne day he will come and free you from hate
Devotion is a soul ilness, you can strive yourself but you'll never get well, it easily corrodes unlucky
People's mind 'cause it knows now to soothe their I'll by offering chimeras
Listen to the voice of your spirit, we are born by disdain
Looking for shelter in god's arm hoping one day he will come
God's bastards
We adore scorn!


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La canzone Hate And Scorn si trova nell'album Mater of all evil uscito nel 1999 per Scarlet.

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