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The primitive formation sees the light at the end of the year 90's when teenagers school friends who listen to black and thrash metal decided to form a musical band.
There follows a sequence constant line-up changes and experiences in other bands until 2006, when the band is reformed by Uryel (Vocal e Bass); Damix (Drums) and Radamantis (Guitars) choosing the name Necrolust (as a tribute to Mayhem, their favorite band) and affect the full-length "Necrolust" the same year.
Once again the group is not lucky and was forced to change musicians until 2010, the year of the musical band split up.
They return in the autumn of 2017 with a great desire to have fun and play together, the current lineup consists of Kingvardh (Drums); Radamantis (Bass), Anitithesis (Guitars), Ogre (Vocals) and Hack (Guitars).

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