Neffa - Testo Lyrics Sunshiny day

Testo della canzone

Sunshiny Day
Searching for something sweet
I live the city screeks
Somewhere there's an ingent to me
Somebody who's made for me

Rit) So i get day's long i've got to call my brain
i'm looking for my love and i can't be late
nothing else and nothing else to gave
i'm finally back up on filling me
It's bright.. sunshiny day.. skyes are so blue.. and i'm living.... or i know there is so late, there is so love.. got to be there

I'm happy you and me
Someday my baby and me
Should be like honey to kiss
Should be the one i need


Album che contiene Sunshiny day

album I molteplici mondi di Giovanni, il cantante Neffa - NeffaI molteplici mondi di Giovanni, il cantante Neffa
2003 - Pop, Funk Sony BMG Records
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