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During the last 8 years Colapesce, Sicilian songwriter Lorenzo Urciullo, has pushed the boundaries of Italian indie-pop as few other local artists have really managed to do. "Infedele" (42 Records), produced by Iosonouncane and Mario Conte, was released in October 2017 and is his most ambitious work so far.

As suggested by the contrast between the album cover and its title (either infidel and unfaithful in English), Colapesce’s third record often lies on antithetical images: life vs death, city vs nature, mainstream vs indie, acoustic vs electronic. In this respect, 'Infedele''s lyrics also follow the same thread, gently contaminating the best Italian tradition of folk songwriters with more direct and genuine refrains. Similarly, its elegant sound is not afraid to bend the essence of Sufjan Stevens to the National’s last album and Ninos du Brasil, satisfying both fans of catchy melodies and supporters of unconventional productions.

Now, after a dense year of gigs at Italian major festivals and clubs, Colapesce is ready to perform his show abroad. His just announced European solo tour, the “Eu-carestia Tour”, will bring the songs from last album back to a minimal production, as close as possible to their most original and raw version. The artist, only accompanied by his voice, guitar and effects pedals, will begin the mini-tour at the Sass n Jazz in Brussels on the 6th of October, just about a year after the album release, and will then perform in Paris, London, Manchester and Berlin with a final show on the 12th of the same month.


06/10 - BRUXELLES @ SASS N JAZZ book now

07/10 - PARIS @ LA BOULE NOIRE book now


10/10 - LONDON @ BIRTHDAYS book now

12/10 - BERLIN @ MARIE ANTOINETTE book now

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