MI AMI 2013, ci saranno anche Andrea Nardinocchi, Fratelli Calafuria e C+C=Maxigross

Tutti gli ospiti speciali e gli orari dei concerti del MI AMI 2013Tutti gli ospiti speciali e gli orari dei concerti del MI AMI 2013

MI AMI 2013
7.8.9 giugno
Circolo Magnolia - Milano.

Tre giorni, tre palchi, sessanta band e dj.

Tanto da ascoltare e da vedere.

I nomi di chi suona li conoscete, quelli degli ospiti speciali, invece, no.

Iniziamo da Andrea Nardinocchi, che sarà sul palco con Dargen D'Amico per suonare un paio di brani. Un set affollato, visto che ad accompagnare Dargen ci saranno anche i Fratelli Calafuria alle chitarre.

Chitarre anche per Mecna, che sarà protagonista di un live inedito ed esclusivo: con lui sul palco anche tastiera e - appunto - chitarra.

Diverso il tipo di presenze sul palco di Cosmo, invece: domenica sulla Collinetta di Jack faranno il loro esordio al MI AMI le ballerine, che accompagneranno con coreografie il primo live in assoluto di Cosmo.

Con i Jennifer Gentle saliranno sul palco anche i C+C=Maxigross, mentre nel set di Bianco ci sarà un'incursione di Levante con la sua "Alfonso".

E infine, la domenica, arriverà un duetto ad altissimo tasso di eleganza tra Patty Pravo e Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi.

Tutti eventi unici. Tutti motivi in più per venire al MI AMI 2013.

E per permettervi di organizzare gli spostamenti e capire davanti a quale palco posizionarvi, eccovi tutti gli orari dei concerti del MI AMI 2013

Orari di venerdì 7 giugno

Orari di sabato 8 giugno

Orari di domenica 9 giugno

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  • Vaggimal Records 06/06/2013 ore 16:38 @vaggimalrecords

    Per ascoltare e scaricare i C+C=Maxigross ecco qua il nuovo album sul bandcamp montanaro! http://vaggimalrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ruvain

    Ruvain %7C Vaggimal Records

    Ruvain by C+C=Maxigross, released 15 April 20131. Pamukkale in E2. Charleroi Poulet3. Uno Tempo4. Hills, Hills, Hills5. A Freak Can6. Lesha!Keyoo!See-Ya!7. L'attesa di Maicol8. Ten Dark Wednesday9. No One Calls Me (The Time of The Time of The Season)10. Najhladnija Luka Pule11. Josè12. Holynaut13. Testi's Baker-Jung Neil14. Wait Me to Arrive15. Dois Palitos Fofinhos (PRESALE Bonus Track)Two years after “Singar," a word that in Cimbrian (an ancient dead language of Lessinia) means “to sing”, C+C=Maxigross are back with their first real album, “Ruvain” which means “to make noise."The 14 songs which make “Ruvain” are the result of a long process that came about after two-years of intense touring, which the band faced with an attitude comparable to some of the great live bands from the '60s and '70s like the Grateful Dead and Neil Young & the Crazy Horses. The ideas for their composition are derived from choral music, from the different skills of the band members (they all sing and play various instruments), from the variety of languages which they use (English, Italian, Spanish and, of course, Cimbrian) but the album also takes its inspiration from the magic and mysterious atmosphere that one feels on the mountains around Verona -- where the band rehearses, composes and records.Some of the album's songs were produced, recorded and mixed by Marco Fasolo from Jennifer Gentle (Sub Pop), using an analogic 8-track recorder, while some others were recorded and mixed entirely inside the band's own house studio on the mountains. The choice to record the tracks live and in one take rather than layering the components together over a period of time was crucial: by all being in the same room and performing the song together, adding just a few essential overdubs, using vintage instruments and microphones, the band has created a warm, deep, immediate and almost forgotten sound.“Ruvain” is therefore the genuinely sincere documentation of nocturnal jam sessions of vocal harmonies -- jam sessions that often ended at sunrise, when the village of Vaggimal wakes up to start a new day.The 14 songs of “Ruvain” tell stories about old postcards, mental and physical trips, walks on the hills (because the band doesn't only like mountains), creeks which make rumours, friendly cows, days of the week we should forget, missed calls, Croatian grandfathers, Spanish sailors, holy spaceships and night bakers. The album ends with a magical instrumental melody, recorded with only one microphone, in which C+C=Maxigross ask us to follow them in this psychedelic adventure on the top of their mountains, where you will find not only snow and nature, but also folk and lysergic pop songs which look to the grand Anglo-American tradition.C+C=Maxigross – BioThe adventure of the psychedelic collective C+C=Maxigross began in 2009, when the band decided to record in a house on the mountains. They put together a group of songs they wrote with friends, during evenings spent around the fire or walking through Lessinia's woods. When the EP "Singar" came out they never expected that their name would spread from blog to blog, magazine to magazine. This success allowed them to play everywhere in Italy, from the North to the South. In 2012 they won the Arezzo Wave, one of the main Italian music festivals, and eventually landed in the United States for a mini-tour with one stop at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York.In these very full two years the band jumped several times on their white bus and played everywhere, without resting. They met tons of talented musicians, they grew into five elements and made their shows unpredictable, starting with vocal and totally acoustic harmonies and ending up with electric lysergic and dilated improvisation.During almost 100 concerts they shared the stage with Yann Tiersen, Matt Elliott/The Third Eye Foundation, The Emeralds, Jennifer Gentle (feat. Verdena), Samuel Katarro & King of The Opera, Honeybird & the Birdies and many others.The album will be released the 8th of April 2013, by Vaggimal Records, a young label based in the Lessinia mountains. Vaggimal also released their debut EP (as well as other pop bands like Klein Blue or Spaghetti Bolonnaise), and will manage the press office and distribute the album in Italy via Audioglobe. The digital international distribution will be curated by The Orchard. Italian booking will be organized by Trovarobato and Management by Gianluca Giusti (from Trovarobato and Sfera Cubica).


  • Faustiko Murizzi 07/06/2013 ore 11:51 @faustiko

    Vaggimal Records io voglio comprare il cd invece...

  • Vaggimal Records 07/06/2013 ore 16:06 @vaggimalrecords

    @Faustiko Murizzi Ottimo, al MI AMI i cd dei C+C saranno al banchetto della Trovarobato, loro booking!

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