Il sito Stereomood si ferma. I fondatori abbandonano il progetto per mancanza di fondi

Stereomood si fermaStereomood si ferma
25/02/2015 16:13 di

Stereomood si ferma dopo sei anni di onorato servizio. Per chi non la conoscesse, si tratta della piattaforma che propone moltissime playlist in streaming gratuito ogni giorno, selezionate in base ai temi più diversi. Si può scegliere che musica ascoltare tra una vasta gamma di umori, di momenti della giornata o di immagini più particolari come “un viaggio spaziale”, “guardare le stelle” o “una giornata a New York”. 

Oggi i fondatori hanno mandato una mail a tutti gli utenti registrati dove comunicano che, nonostante gli sforzi enormi per trovare le risorse necessarie, abbandonano il progetto. Il sito rimarrà online sia nella sua versione web che su mobile ma non saranno più caricate nuove playlist. Vi terremo aggiornati sui prossimi sviluppi.

Ecco la lettera:

Dear user
It’s been a long time since we’ve been in touch.
In the meantime we made the greatest of efforts to keep Stereomood available to your ears.

Since 2013 the team has worked on Stereomood Delphi - like the Greek oracle - to personalize every mood playlist according to your own music taste.
We worked on a new version of Stereomood as well, featuring a music concierge powered by YouTube, with a new selection of moods, as well as genre, style and more music.

But after several months of endeavours we ran out of cash due to both a lack of revenue and investors pulling their funding.
As a result, our beloved mood music platform has not belonged to its founders since last december. We’ve been deeply reflecting about this but it was the only possible solution for us: the website and mobile apps are still alive but the founders are no longer involved.

Leaving this company after 6 years of excitement, success, frustration, determination (almost the whole list of Stereomood tags!) is particularly painful for us, but we are proud of having made our dream come true and shared it with all of you in these years.
We want to send out a massive thanks to everyone that helped us get this far, especially to the musicians and labels (without them nothing would have been possible), people that worked for us and above all to every single one of you that still cares!
It was a real pleasure to keep you company with our mood playlists:
we’ve been delighted that over 20 millions people so far have listened Stereomood to study, make love, drive, cry, fall in love and dream.

It’s been a long journey, a story that we will forever love to talk about, a story of good music.

Much love

The Stereomood Team

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