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Nikkal, aka Luca Brusa, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer born in Turin.
Passionate about sound composition since he was a child, he plays in several bands between indie, alternative and post-punk, accumulating several concerts behind him.
Approaching at the same time musical engineering, he has the opportunity to record and mix independently and with the duo project "Kajar" start experimentation in the electronic field, producing an EP, several singles and videos.
He lives for a while in the countryside where he begins to record sounds of the surrounding nature and to compose tracks that allow himself to express emotions and obsessions through the flow of sounds and sensations.
The solo project Nikkal starts from these sessions of field recording and isolated production, shaping its musical dimension on the basis of a personal research about all that is sound. In 2021 the first single "Sails" and two other tracks that make up the first EP "Nauta" are released.
Two new videos accompany the release of the project in collaboration with dancers/performers, bringing forward the desire to interact with other artistic realities to expand the communicative vision of the project and create something that can go beyond the sound.

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