NO CHOICE was an italian Hardcore band,
active from 1992 to 2003.
They released a demotape (“Frammenti” 1995),
two studio albums (“Maestro dei sensi” 1999 &
“Quando tutto è compromesso” 2000,
both on Vacation House Records) and a live album
(“Fraterni istanti” 2003, on Vacation House Records
/Soulcraft Recordings).

This EP consists of two previously released tracks
(“Fraterni istanti”, on compilation album
“BZ: Under the ground” 2002/Papperlapapp
& “Hai fallito”, on compilation album
“Time to move” 2001/No Brain Records)
and two previously unreleased tracks
(“Menti rinchiuse”, outtake of the
“Quando tutto è compromesso”
recording session & “Maschera”,
recorded live 2002; both are rough mixes,
because the original back-ups are lost;
“Maschera” itself was in an embryonic stage,
with lyrics & arrangements still in working progress).