Biografia Not Dead Yet

They were born on a hot summer of 2012, in one of the most thriving musical production area in Italy ... Modena... From the ashes of Milkill, Mattia Fraulini (Drums) and Mirko Dassanayake (Guitar / Voice) create NOT DEAD YET ... completing the work with the bass Mattia Rubini.
The genre is a mix of rock n roll, stoner, punk and nu-metal prog: a mix feisty and energetic.

Already in September 2012 (after a week of arrival in the band Matthias Rubini), the groove hearty and fresh led them to win the Guiglia Rock Contest 2012 (provincial music competition), winning the prize for best arrangement and the first prize.
In April 2013 the first EP of the band: The world falling down.
In April 2014 the second work... I'm a killer... followed by their first music video (available on youtube).
Now we need to wait and see if the rock will hold them !!

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